My story with essential oils began a couple years ago when I started buying oils every once in a while, I loved Young Livings products and enjoyed casually using oils in my daily routine… but never would I have thought I would be using essential oils the way that I am today. Call me a skeptic, but I didn’t think these overly priced bottles of oil were worth it. I always said they were too expensive and not worth the extra hassle. I already had products I loved and used daily. 

Fast forward to now-  and I have been living in Honduras for over 3 years. I could slowly see myself burning out and my emotional health deteriorating. The stress of everyday life and my job was really affecting me, so I began to do some research on holistic solutions to take back my health… What I began to find was truly shocking. I began to understand how many chemicals, toxins, and parabens are contained in the everyday products I was unknowingly putting into my body. 

I began to replace so many products within my home and can truly say I have seen such a difference in the life of myself and little family. Low and behold… the little bottles of oil I use to think were so overpriced began to seem like a necessity I couldn’t live without. I believe everyone should be educated on the products they are using daily and understand how they too can live a natural toxin free lifestyle. I could go on and on about how essential oils have literally changed my life but I will let the oils do the talking for themselves… keep scrolling to find out more.