In January 2016, I moved to the country of Honduras to work with Legacy of Hope Foundation to help start up a part of their ministry called “Centro De Paso", also known as our Crisis Care Center. This is a home that cares for children in crisis situations that were removed from their families. As this program continues to grow I am humbled every day to play a small part in it. Today I am directing and overseeing the program while falling more in love with Honduras and the children I get to serve every day. 

I believe in defending and advocating for children who have lost their voice and fearlessly loving a child who might leave. I have been a foster mom for 3 years and have a passion for the broken, abused, and fatherless. I have a burning desire to change the world. A desire to hear the laughter and see the healing of a broken child. As you follow my journey I pray that you will be inspired. Not inspired by me, but inspired by the passion God has for His children. Not inspired by what I do, but by what my heavenly father continues to do. Not inspired by how I love, but how God portrays His love through this story.