Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,

I feel it is so important that you know and hear the full story of Centro de Paso and my new house with the 4 little girls who had no where else to go. So with that being said, here it is…

Before I moved to Honduras I had said “yes” to Matt and Marianne, but most importantly I had said “yes” to God. I would help start and fund Centro de Paso, the crisis care center. This home is for children who have been severely mistreated or are in a crisis situation. We work with and only take children through DINAF (Honduran Child Services). 

DINAF had been asking Matt and Marianne for quite some time to start up a Crisis Care Center. We knew this was something God was calling us to do, so I moved down in January of 2016 to start up this program. God provided everything I needed and more to finish out 2016 and provided extra when needed. He covered furnishing a brand new house, extra medical expenses for sick kids, and having to hire extra staff unexpectedly.

We had originally been told by child services (DINAF) to expect 7 kids a month and, at the most, staying for an average of 3 days. This is not exactly the way things unfolded, but God had bigger plans. There were months when we had 22 kids pass through and stay longer than 3 days. I have had everything from special needs children to cases so severe it made me sick to my stomach for the children of Honduras. I look back on this year and I think wow… that was God. In the midst of the madness, nights of crying myself to sleep, and wondering how I was going to push on the next day, He provided.

My funds were low, my staff was tired, and the burden to raise funds for 2017 was great. But God had a plan, and He knew I needed to just trust him. In April of 2016 two little girls, ages 3 and 4, came into the crisis care center. Their dad was a raging alcoholic and their mother was too scared to keep them, so they were then passed into our ministry. After months of coming in and out of the center, abandoned by their mother once again, DINAF asked if we could keep them at Legacy of Hope. We hesitated because Foster Care in Honduras is closed, we were stretched too thin, and our staff was tired. But I knew God was calling me to once again say “yes.”

I prayed continually about the next steps to take, as I knew the Crisis Care Center was not a place of permanency for 3 and 4 year-olds, and through that I was feeling the tug from God that he was calling me to move out of the Crisis Care Center and be the Foster mom to these precious little girls. As this was something I knew I couldn’t do financially and maybe not something I could do physically, I hesitated to make the move and kept praying to hear an answer from God.

About a month later, we get a call for a newborn baby. She was 9 days old and her mom had left her in the hospital making it very clear she didn’t want her. About two hours after hanging up the phone a sweet baby girl arrived at my house.

After about 2 weeks of having these three girls with me in the Crisis Care Center, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt God was calling me to create a safe and loving home for them outside of the hectic Centro de Paso. There was a house for rent down the street, and I knew this was it. I talked with my staff at the center, and after talking with Matt and Marianne, we all decided this was the right thing to do.

On December 1st I moved out of the Crisis Care Center with three girls.

About 2 weeks after beginning the process of moving out, I got another call for an abandoned baby that was found in the cemetery. I began to weep as I rested upon the depth and tragedy of this story. Later that day a green-eyed, three-month-old baby girl arrived to my house. And then I had four. Four beautiful girls, a brand new house, and a crisis care center full of kids with only two staff members.

I was restless.

I knew I needed to trust God. I knew He would provide. I knew He was calling me to do this. But I began to doubt and question if I was really doing the right thing. When I came home in December I was overwhelmed with the feeling of having to go out and raise funds, of having to put aside time with my family because two houses back in Honduras were counting on me to provide for them. I knew God would provide, but I couldn’t seem to make sense of how.

About a week later I got a phone call from Love Made Visible saying someone had given a large donation specifically to Centro de Paso. Again, I began to weep, as I knew this gracious donation would cover Centro de Paso for two years. That this donation would prevent children from being turned away due to lack of funds and staff, that it will provide work for Honduran women who will be empowered to care for children experiencing a crisis in their own area. I knew I needed to trust God. I knew He would provide. I knew He was calling me to do this. Then all at once He grabbed me by the hands and brought me to a place of remembering that through the trials and moments of disbelief He will provide. I just need to trust. 

                                                     - Sincerely, Sophia Fitzgibbon

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