V is for Vomit & Victory

Two weeks ago I received an 11 month-old baby girl who had been dropped at someone’s doorstep, abandoned by her mother. When she arrived to my house she just sat and observed for what felt like hours. Her big brown eyes examining each person and each object within the room, not wanting to be held, but crawling from space to space as if she was looking for something in particular.

As we slowly made our way to the bathroom to bathe her, I could only help but wonder what was going on in her little mind while she lay there motionless. I carefully took her beautiful white dress off to clean her dirt stained body, and search for any wounds that needed to be treated. 

Two days after she arrived we found blood in her diaper so we immediately brought her to the hospital. The previous week I had been in and out of the private hospital with two toddlers who had infections and were on the verge of pneumonia. So  to be perfectly honest I was not too thrilled to spend another week there or have another sick child… as appointments aren’t necessarily a thing here and at home injections aren’t really my forte.

On Saturday evening we finally returned home and my number one goal was to get this baby bathed, fed, and put in bed (that rhymed)… It was determined that she might have an infection and we were waiting for the results to return. As soon as we got home I bathed her and tried to put her to bed while all the other kids sat down for dinner. Well putting her to bed was a failed attempt as she screamed so loud I was scared someone from the neighborhood might report me, so I got her out of the crib and began to hold her. She was in my arms as I was trying to eat the only meal I had all day, constantly trying to knock my plate off the counter and screaming bloody murder in my ear and then it happened….

She threw up all over my shirt, my food, and partly on the dog.

Let me just tell you… I don’t really know a lot about babies, let alone a sick baby. So I’m texting Marianne trying to console this screaming throwing up baby. At this point I have throw up on my phone, what was left of my ponytail, and some of the throw up had made it into the bucket as I was trying to aim her head towards the bucket and drastically failed (traumatic, I know).

Meanwhile all the other kids are watching in shock as the crazy gringa tries and does what she knows best while attempting to remain calm… which was not going to well.

So here I am.. sitting in the kitchen covered in throw up holding the baby that was also covered in throw up. After trying to bathe her twice and changing clothes twice, I just decided to release it and sit in my throw up doused third pair of clothes, trying to console this baby. 

Finally getting her to bed after having her tummy settle was my BIGGEST victory of the day. I had slowly started to give her pedialyte throughout the night and we were on track to our next big victory… collecting a urine and feces sample to drop off at the lab Sunday afternoon WOOHOO!! Have you ever tried to get a urine sample from a 11month old baby with diarrhea? I wouldn’t pray that task on my worst enemies.

Well low and behold after 4 urine sample bags and some diaper scraping I had finally gotten what I needed to go to the clinic. She ended up having a slight infection in her urine (which we think was causing the blood) and she was already taking the medicine she needed to get better quickly. Fast forward 2 weeks later and she is a healthy little ball of sass that never ceases to make me smile. When I come home she crawls to me as fast as she can and bites my leg until I pick her up (cute I know).

Right now you may be thinking to yourself… wow Sophia needs to pull it together... if we were being honest I might be thinking that too, but really. Looking back on that weekend now, I think to myself where would she be if she wasn’t here? Who would have held her little body as she threw up and taken her to the doctor when she was sick, who would have been her mommy?

I have gotten to be a mommy to many children through these 8 months and I have learned quite a few things...

  • To embrace the hard moments and laugh through the difficult ones
  • Time goes too fast
  • Children come and go all too quickly
  • Mistakes Happen
  • There isn’t a manual and plan for everything
  • God is constantly in control under all circumstances