Home Sweet Home

Let me just start off this series of blogs by showing you all where the magic happens…. and by magic I mean the place where love grows, fights happen, and healing begins.

Centro de Paso.

This house is meant to be a crisis care center for children who are only here for a time period of 72 hours. While this is something that is happening, there are also children who stay for weeks, months, and sometimes just a night.  This house provides food, showers, and clean clothes to children who would otherwise have almost nothing.

Centro de Paso is a blessing and I am blessed to be apart of it. Sometimes we have 3 children, sometimes 5, and sometimes 9… But however many we have we get to share laughs, love, and hard moments. As for many children this is their first step to a long journey of healing.

I have a team of Honduran women that work within the house to make all we do possible, and without them I would probably be a crazy woman with grey hair at 20 years old… God has blessed me in so many ways as He knew what I needed before the time came for me to arrive to Honduras.

I was given over what I needed for my start up cost in donations from so many generous people.

I was blessed with a group of local women who eagerly wanted to help clean, cook, and take care of children within Centro de Paso.

This House has currently served almost 100 children.

That is almost 100 children who have suffered from a severe trauma, a great loss, or were living on the streets with no place to call home, these are the children I get to love. My favorite kinds of children are the children who are looked at as a “problem”, the children that nobody wants, that are an “inconvenience”

This House has been my home for 8 months and will continue to be my home for much longer. It will also continue to be a home for the children who don’t have a place to call home. Centro de Paso has had many children pass through but each time a child passes through they experience a sense of what family is, and to me that is the greatest gift of all.


I love this crazy family I get to be apart of, I love my new normal.