My New Normal

I have recently been reading my old blog posts and I realized something…


God has been moving in profound ways


Right after high school I felt called to the Dominican Republic, and my time there served a purpose as I was blessed to love on a group of street boys and truly learn what selfless service looks like.

After the Dominican Republic I was called home to Orlando, Florida. I was able to serve in an internship for Global Missions and equip myself through my home church to learn more about children from hard places.

In the summer of 2015 I was called to Honduras for the first time ever to serve along side Legacy of Hope Foundation for the summer.

After that summer I knew the Lord was calling me to move to Honduras.

On January 14th I arrived to Honduras with a unknown amount of time but the idea of 2 years.

As of September 2nd, 2016 I have now served 8 months here at Legacy of Hope running a crisis care center.

Right now I sit surrounded by toddlers, a baby, and a couple of teenagers. I sit here at my kitchen table smelling plantains cooking on the stove, listening to giggling coming from the patio, and a curious little boy looking over my shoulder as he observes my fingers moving across the keyboard. I sit here thankful for God’s sovereignty and the gift He gave me of being able mother these kids for the short amount of time I have them.

I’m thankful for the nights of rocking crying children to sleep whispering in their ears that they are loved and that they are safe. I am thankful for sharing Jesus with teenagers who had been prostituting themselves just so they could have food to eat. I’m thankful for being able to play such a small part in the lives of all the children who pass through my house.

But there have been many times since I arrived that I was not thankful, I was not joyful, and I did not see God’s sovereignty.

Lately I have been reading some blogs about orphan care and mothers who have adopted children or are currently fostering. I follow women on Instagram that make adoption and fostering look like a beautiful love story with no flaws, while adoption and foster care are a love story in the making it has many flaws.

Orphan care is hard, it is messy, and it is draining, but these are the things I like to write about. Because I believe that story telling can change the world and I also believe that our struggles are what make the best stories…

God is moving in profound ways and over the next couple of weeks I will be writing out what He is doing in my life and through this house. Stay tuned to get a peek into the messy but beautiful realities of my new normal.