Currently Being Dragged By My Ponytail

I am constantly pushing myself to be connected and open to the Holy Spirit (unfortunately that is not something that comes naturally to me) I am constantly having to redirect my thoughts, plans, and pride. As many of you know I have just returned from Honduras. The purpose of my trip was to act as a sub-director while the directors and their family returned to the states for the first time all together in 3 years.

Let me just explain to you how this unfolded... My Global Missions pastor had shared with me in January of 2015 that our global partners in Honduras were looking for someone to run errands and help with the ministry needs. I informed him that I needed sometime before I jumped right back into things, and dismissed the thought of Honduras in general. Around February I joined an internship at my church for Global Missions, and God continued to place Legacy of Hope ministry in Honduras on my heart, at this point I knew I would be ignoring the Holy Spirit if I didn't at least email the directors in Honduras to let them know God was placing them on my heart.

After emailing back and forth and a couple of Skype calls, the directors informed me they were going to the states for 3 weeks and needed me to cover the ministry. At first I was thinking "me God??? You think I can handle that??" then it went to "yeah I got this.. I can be the boss for 3 weeks" then after committing to the directors my thoughts were similar to "wait.. why did I just do that.. who does that". With boldness (and some fear) I moved forward to start the fundraising part of my preparation for this 2 month trip to Honduras, God provided beyond the funds I needed, and I went over the amount of money I needed to reach. The prayers and encouragement I received were incredible and at moments unbelievable. After receiving all these blessings I knew this was absolutely from The Lord. 

As I was getting closer to leaving the Devil began to attack me, making me feel insignificant and incapable, just like he always does. As old fears and doubts began to creep in I called upon The Lord for strength and courage, then before I knew it I arrived in Honduras June 27th. As I looked out the window of the plane I saw little shacks and tents surrounded by the big buildings of the city of San Pedro. I knew immediately the poverty and desperation I was about to experience. 

Through the highs and lows of my time in Honduras I clung to my heavenly father to keep me strong. While hearing horror stories of children that made my heart shatter, while experiencing the fears a child in crisis feels, while holding babies who without Legacy of Hope might be dead. I clung to my heavenly father. Through my time in Honduras I knew God was calling me here for longer than 2 months.

When the directors returned to Santa Rosa De Copan and my time in Honduras was coming to a end I asked them what it would look like if I stayed. They shared with me that they need a sub-director and someone who could open a house for emergency placements. After praying and feeling the pulling of God so immensely I knew I would be being disobedient if I turned them down. 

So here is where all of you will question my sanity and possibly call me crazy... In January of 2016 I will be moving down to Honduras and I have committed to Legacy of Hope for 2 years. I will be opening a home for abused, battered, and abandoned children, along with victims of rape. This house will act as a Safe Families home. Only taking emergency placements and keeping them for as long as 72 hours. During these 72 hours child services will be trying to locate family members or find a orphanage to relocate the child to. I will be taking ages infant-18. I will also act as the sub-director for Legacy of Hope.

Since I have returned home on August 27th I feel like God is moving 1000 mph and dragging me by my ponytail. I can't even begin to explain in a blog post how things have unfolded... To keep things short and sweet, Child Services (DINAF) in Honduras has offered to give 50,000 LPS a month to the house I will be opening, the First Lady of Honduras contacted DINAF and shared she wants to buy all the furniture for my house, so not only do I have a house waiting... but it is going to be fully furnished and funds are already pouring in.So that would be like Michelle Obama paying for some furniture..... I would take her furniture any day.  


There is still so much I need to get done and funds that I need to raise. I am trusting God will provide all that I need and more, just like He always does. Please keep me in your prayers as I move forward, if you are feeling lead to donate please message me personally. But what I need most is your prayers. Because that is truly the most important thing.... keep you posted ;)