God is so good

First of all I want to thank everyone for all the prayers, love, and encouragement. As many of you know my dream is to direct my own orphanage.  After praying and seeking The Lord, that is ultimately why I decided to move to the Dominican Republic for a year. Since I have been here, I have felt God’s presence immensely. As I continue to seek God and his will for my life, He is unfolding his plan right before my eyes. Let me just start off by saying this is the most amazing group of kids I have ever worked with. Their sweet smiles, willing attitudes, and big hearts make them easy to love. These boys are something out of this world. They don’t let their pasts define them. They know that they are not orphans, they are children of The King. All of these qualities make them so easy to love. We currently have 23 children and August 17 we will be receiving seven more.  As many of you know, the orphanage director of Helping Hands left last December.  The current director is Pastor Pedro’s wife Lidia, who is filling in the position while they continue to seek and pray to find a new permanent director. Grace Jenkins and I will be working along side her this year to help her the best that we can. When I had initially discussed what I would be doing here with Pastor Pedro, we had decided that I would be tasked with administration and helping with the kids. About two nights ago we all sat down had a meeting and discussed what it takes to run an orphanage. Pastor Pedro began to share with me that they wanted me to be the Sub-Director of the orphanage. In the chain of command, I will be working right under Lidia as the co-director, and with the kids directly every day. Since Lidia is only filling in as long as necessary, she has a lot of other things to attend to besides just the children. Not only was this a blessing but an answered prayer. God has been so faithful in showing me his plan.  In sharing all this with you, I ask that you continue to keep me in your prayers. Please pray that God will continue to revel himself to me, and that I will continue to cling to him through every circumstance.  I also ask you to pray for these boys. As we receive seven new children, my biggest request is that you pray for God to open their hearts to receive the love that we have waiting for them here. Regarding the donations that have been given, they are all stored in a room within the orphanage. We are waiting until August 17th to distribute everything. For reasons including: school has started, summer has come to an end, and all the new children will be here. I will be sure to post pictures and more blog posts when the donations have been distributed.